The University of Arizona

New Approach Developed to Improve Drug Delivery in Tumors

UANews | July 16, 2010
By using mathematical modeling to understand blood flow, researchers – including the UA's Timothy Secomb, a pioneer in the field – have proposed a novel approach to treating cancerous tumors.

The First Malaria-Proof Mosquito

UANews | July 15, 2010
For the first time, UA entomologists have genetically altered mosquitoes in a way that renders them immune to the parasite that causes malaria. Researchers hope someday to replace wild mosquitoes with resistant, lab-bred populations.

Eye-Care Research Initiative Tested in Honduras

UANews | July 13, 2010
Proyecto Vision, led by UA optometrist Daniel Twelker, trains visual-health workers to perform vision screening and dispense over-the-counter reading glasses and eye drops.

Breast Cancer a Risk Factor for Endometrial Cancer Type in Women Under 55

UANews | July 13, 2010
UA researchers found that nearly 20 percent of the 348 women they studied with Type II endometrial cancer had a prior history of breast cancer, compared to only 3 percent in a control group of 830 women with the more common form of the cancer.

Arizona Rural Health Office Awarded $180K

UANews | July 12, 2010
The funds will go toward improving the collection and dissemination of information, coordinating health resources and activities, and encouraging the recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural areas.

Newly Discovered Protein Function Linked to Breast Cancer

UANews | July 12, 2010
UA researchers participated in the discovery of an unexpected role played by a protein molecule, making it a candidate for a biomarker or drug target for breast cancer.