The University of Arizona

Computerized Undershirt to Monitor Wounded Diabetics

UANews | September 21, 2010
UA surgery researchers have received a $1.2 million grant to monitor people with diabetes, helping to heal wounds and prevent foot amputations.

Arizona Cancer Center to Form Skin Cancer Consortium

UANews | September 20, 2010
Researchers from halfway around the globe will join forces with colleagues at the Arizona Cancer Center to jointly develop skin cancer prevention and treatment strategies.

$1.6M Grant to Aid Study of Kidney Injury Treatment

UANews | September 20, 2010
Liwen Lai, a research professor at the UA College of Pharmacy, will study a novel agent for treating acute kidney injury. Acute kidney injury is a serious condition with a mortality rate of 50 percent. It is estimated to affect more than a half-million people per year in the U.S.

Exhibit Chronicles 30 Years of Medical Student Research

UANews | September 14, 2010
Highlighted in the exhibit, which runs Sept. 15 through Oct. 31, are poster displays, computer modules, personal interviews and photographs of more than 1,200 student researchers.

Fighting Disease With Lasers, Light

UANews | September 8, 2010
The UA won an NSF grant to help fund a multiuser femtosecond laser facility. Understanding the behavior of light the moment a photon hits the human body might, among other things, improve the early detection and treatment of disease, particularly cancer.

Hope for Arthritis Patients in Fat Tissue

UANews | September 3, 2010
A recent discovery at the UA College of Medicine – that adult stem cells collected from fat tissue can be converted to cells that will grow cartilage tissue – has focused one Arizona Arthritis Center lab's research, promising new hope for osteoarthritis sufferers.