The University of Arizona

Reusable Grocery Bags Contaminated With E. Coli, Other Bacteria

UANews | June 24, 2010
Scientists at the UA and Loma Linda University found that reusable grocery bags carry more than just groceries. Samples taken from dozens of bags, which almost never get washed, showed half contained E. coli and other bacteria that could pose health risks.

UMC, UPH Boards Approve Integration of the Organizations

UANews | June 24, 2010
The integration creates a two-hospital system that will expand patient care, train new physicians and other healthcare professionals, and continue advancing clinical science to diagnose and treat human disease.

UA Study, Training Keeps MRSA from Firefighting Communities

UANews | June 22, 2010
After finding MRSA bacteria on couches, class desks and commonly touched surfaces within Tucson firefighter offices, researchers developed a training program to help prevent contamination.

Native American Youth Launch Web-Based Radio Station

UANews | June 22, 2010
Live on the Web from the Hualapai Indian reservation in Peach Springs, Ariz., is a kid-run radio station that – in addition to music – promotes exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. The project is a collaboration between the UA and the Hualapai tribe.

Loneliness, Poor Health Appear to be Linked

UANews | June 18, 2010
Two UA studies have found that hoarding friends doesn't necessarily diminish forlorn feelings and that loneliness is a matter of perception. Superficial relationships, researchers say, can not only result in feelings of detachment, but also contribute to certain health-related problems.