The University of Arizona

Eye-Care Research Initiative Tested in Honduras

UANews | July 13, 2010
Proyecto Vision, led by UA optometrist Daniel Twelker, trains visual-health workers to perform vision screening and dispense over-the-counter reading glasses and eye drops.

Arizona Rural Health Office Awarded $180K

UANews | July 12, 2010
The funds will go toward improving the collection and dissemination of information, coordinating health resources and activities, and encouraging the recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural areas.

Newly Discovered Protein Function Linked to Breast Cancer

UANews | July 12, 2010
UA researchers participated in the discovery of an unexpected role played by a protein molecule, making it a candidate for a biomarker or drug target for breast cancer.

Med-Start Teaches High Schoolers About Healthcare Careers

UANews | July 8, 2010
The intensive academic program is for Arizona students entering their senior year of high school who are interested in health professions.

Depression, Poor Social Skills Are Linked

UANews | July 8, 2010
Chris Segrin has authored a book chapter detailing the often-ignored social aspects of depression. His research has found that not only do depressed people sometimes lack social skills, but the way in which their relationships operate can contribute to increased feelings of depression.

UA Researchers Present New Sex Evolution Theory

UANews | July 7, 2010
The origin of the evolutionary game – the ability of animals (including humans) and plants to reproduce sexually, genetically  recombine to repair DNA, and produce eggs, sperm or pollen – is an unresolved mystery in biology. UA researchers have a new theory that provides insights into the early evolution of sexual organisms.