The University of Arizona

Researcher Awarded $1.8M to Develop Colon Cancer Therapy

UANews | August 6, 2010
Emmanuelle J. Meuillet of the Arizona Cancer Center will study the role of inflammation in colon carcinogenesis toward developing a new therapy to treat colon cancer.

UA Expands Affiliation With Phoenix Children's Hospital

UANews | August 5, 2010
The collaboration will expand the breadth and depth of research conducted in Arizona to prevent, cure and treat childhood diseases and injuries.

White Coat Ceremony to Welcome Class of 2014

UANews | August 4, 2010
At the Aug. 6 event, first-year UA medical students will recite their class mission statement and don white coats for the first time, acknowledging their entrance into the medical profession.

Bad Bacteria and Their Harmless Kin Share, Swap Genes

UANews | August 3, 2010
Comparing the genomes of disease-causing and harmless bacteria, UA microbiologists found no clear genetic demarcation between the two groups. The bacteria have swapped genes in the past, suggesting they can switch roles fairly easily.

Illicit Drug Purity Varies with Distance from U.S.-Mexico Border

UANews | August 2, 2010
Distance to the border is more important for methamphetamine and heroin purity than for cocaine, according to study by UA College of Medicine researcher James Cunningham.

Mexico Drug Control Efforts Reduce Meth Treatment Admissions

UANews | August 2, 2010
Efforts by the Mexican government to control the manufacturing of methamphetamine resulted in a drop in treatment admissions in Mexico and in neighboring Texas, a study led by UA researcher James Cunningham finds.