The University of Arizona

Asthma Clinical Research Center Relocates to the UA

UANews | April 6, 2010
The center is part of the nation's largest not-for-profit network of clinical research centers dedicated to asthma research.

UMC Adding More ECMO Technology

UANews | April 5, 2010
New high-tech equipment offers a last-ditch chance for those with life-threatening respiratory problems.

Arizona State University to Withdraw From Partnership With University of Arizona on College of Medicine-Phoenix

UANews | April 2, 2010
The UA will now assume full responsibility for operations of the college.

Conference Devoted to Understanding How the Brain, Consciousness Works

UANews | March 31, 2010
UA Professor Emeritus Stuart Hameroff and his colleagues have convened a group of academics and researchers from around the world to discuss their research in the area of consciousness studies during a conference this month.

Surgeon Developing Ways to Help ICU Patients Get the Sleep They Need

UANews | March 28, 2010
A new study under way at University Medical Center aims at making sure acutely ill patients get the sleep they need to heal.

Medical Students to Learn Their Future at Match Day

UANews | March 15, 2010
On Thursday, UA medical students will receive letters showing where they will be doing their residency training.