The University of Arizona

Dr. Andrew Weil to Speak at UA College of Medicine-Phoenix

UANews | October 15, 2010
Dr. Andrew Weil, the author of best sellers and a nationally recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine, will give a public talk Thursday, Oct. 21, at the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix.

Fulbright’s Soap Business Seeks to Stabilize Afghanistan

UANews | October 12, 2010
UA graduate student Dr. Abdul Tawab Saljuqi and his colleagues have developed Soapeace, Inc., a company that seeks to reduce infection, mortality and unemployment in Afghanistan through the sustainable production, distribution and sale of affordable soap.

Educational Conference to Address Border Health Issues

UANews | October 8, 2010
A UA student-led health professions organization will host an educational conference Oct. 16-17 that includes a trip to visit medical facilities in Mexico to gain an understanding of border health needs.

Chest-Compression-Only CPR Improves Survival

UANews | October 5, 2010
Research by UA Sarver Heart Center doctors found that chest-compression-only CPR by lay individuals is associated with better survival for patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest compared with CPR that calls for chest compressions interrupted by mouth-to-mouth "rescue breaths."

Study Links Bullying to Depression, Other Adult Ailments

UANews | October 5, 2010
UA family studies researchers report in the journal Developmental Psychology that high school students whose sexual orientation is at odds with social gender norms often find themselves victims of harassment and, later on in life, with psychological problems.

Unpredictability a Major Factor in Risky Sexual Behavior

UANews | October 4, 2010
UA family studies professor Bruce J. Ellis has developed a theoretical framework for understanding how elements of change and stress often guide the behavior of young people.