The University of Arizona

Novel Cancer Drug Has Potential, UA Study Reports

UANews | November 12, 2010
Monthly injections of the drug in breast cancer patients whose disease had spread to the bone helped reduce pain and prevent complications with less toxicity than current treatments. Dr. Alison T. Stopeck, director of the Arizona Cancer Center's clinical breast cancer program, led the research.

Steele Children’s Researchers to Assess Spina Bifida in Arizona

UANews | November 10, 2010
A $600,000 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant will allow UA scientists to investigate and collect information on children born with spina bifida. Drs. Sydney Rice and Christopher Cunniff are leading the study.

Improving Safety and Quality of Organic Leafy Greens

UANews | November 9, 2010
A USDA-funded project at the UA aims to increase the safety and quality of organic leafy greens and profitability for farmers. The endeavor includes outreach and an education program.

Senior Citizens Face a Future of Mobility Challenges

UANews | November 8, 2010
UA researcher Sandra Rosenbloom will tell federal transportation officials that the time has come to plan for a much larger cohort of older people who will still need to get around. Most older seniors will be women, who will have a different set of mobility issues than men.

UA Neurologists Win $1.6M to Study Epilepsy in Seniors

UANews | November 5, 2010
Dr. David Labiner and Jenny Chong will measure the incidence of epilepsy across ethnic groups among seniors in Southeastern Arizona and identify factors that predict clinical outcomes.

Research Provides New Insights into Cancer-Induced Pain

UANews | November 2, 2010
UA scientists have discovered that sensory nerve fibers surrounding tumors – once thought to be static in nature – undergo a remarkable and pathological remodeling and growth that generates and amplifies cancer pain. The researchers also identified a treatment to help alleviate the pain.