The University of Arizona

UMC's Child Life Specialists Ease the Way for Young Patients

UANews | December 21, 2010
The addition of Diamond Children's to UMC brings a total of eight child life specialists to the hospital. These specialists provide comfort to children undergoing medical care.

Invention Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery, Lessen Harmful Effects of Chemotherapy

UANews | December 20, 2010
An invention by UA researchers may provide a way to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to cancer tissues in controlled doses without harming healthy body cells.

Grilled Meat + Oregano = Reduced Risks of Cancer, Foodborne Disease

UANews | December 15, 2010
Adding oregano to meat before grilling could reduce the formation of potentially cancer-causing compounds by up to 78 percent, UA researchers have found. The spice also helps inactivate harmful E. coli in the meat.

Grant Funds Native American Youth Nutrition Study

UANews | December 10, 2010
Rodney C. Haring in the UA College of Medicine has received a $75,000 grant to study the best ways to prevent obesity and promote good oral hygiene in Native American youth. Both are related to poor nutrition and can lead to diabetes.

$1.7M Grant Funds Pharmacy Research

UANews | December 9, 2010
Serrine Lau, a UA pharmacy researcher, studies how a Vitamin A metabolite reduces organ damage caused by oxidative stress, which occurs after ischemia, a condition in which blood supply to an organ has been reduced or cut off.

Arizona Cancer Center Program Gets $2.5M Renewal

UANews | November 29, 2010
At the completion of the two-year Cancer Prevention and Control Fellowship Program, participants are positioned to be competitive for grant funding and as future leaders in the field of cancer prevention and control.