The University of Arizona

UA Professor Assists with First Total Artificial Heart Implantation in Russia

UANews | June 1, 2010
Pharmacist Paul Nolan had several roles in the surgery, including using medications to prevent blood clots from forming within the patient and the device.

Friends Mourn Pioneer of UA Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

UANews | May 28, 2010
Dean E. Carter established a metals toxicology research program and a unique outreach effort to Mexico.

New Anti-Cancer Compound Derived from Ancient Plant

UANews | May 27, 2010
UA scientists have used a new quick-growing technique to produce a water-soluble form of a plant compound that combats cancer and encourages the survival of healthy cells.

UA Medicine Students Receive Leadership, Outreach Awards

UANews | May 25, 2010
Wilbur Wildcat accepted his first white coat (and one for Wilma Wildcat) at the 20th annual UA College of Medicine Medical Student Leadership Awards ceremony, where more than 75 medical students received awards for leadership, outstanding outreach services and commitment to the medically underserved.

Student Honored by American Medical Association Foundation

UANews | May 24, 2010
Natasha Bhuyan, a second-year UA medical student, has worked closely with the elderly, people who are homeless, adults with developmental disabilities and individuals with unplanned pregnancies.

Arizona's Smoking Ban Reduced Hospital Visits, UA Study Finds

UANews | May 19, 2010
Since the 2007 state law that bans smoking in public venues took effect, admissions for ailments related to secondhand smoke have declined by as much as 33 percent. UA psychology department researchers Patricia Herman and Michele Walsh analyzed hospital data going back to 2004 for their study.