The University of Arizona

Arizona's Smoking Ban Reduced Hospital Visits, UA Study Finds

UANews | May 19, 2010
Since the 2007 state law that bans smoking in public venues took effect, admissions for ailments related to secondhand smoke have declined by as much as 33 percent. UA psychology department researchers Patricia Herman and Michele Walsh analyzed hospital data going back to 2004 for their study.

UA Professor Helps Pima County Get $16M to Fight Obesity

UANews | May 14, 2010
Merrill Eisenberg designed a plan that will remove barriers for residents to exercise and eat healthier, and she wrote the winning grant proposal for the health department.

Immune System Compromised During Spaceflight, Study Finds

UANews | May 13, 2010
A research group led by UA immunobiologist Ty Lebsack has discovered that spaceflight changes the activity of genes controlling immune and stress response, perhaps leading to more sickness.

Medical Campus Expansion Under Way

UANews | May 12, 2010
A groundbreaking ceremony was held May 12 for the Health Sciences Education Building, which will allow the College of Medicine - Phoenix to expand its class size and offer more training space.

UA, NAU to Study Effects of Flying, High Altitude on Diabetics

UANews | May 4, 2010
A grant from the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission will fund research that aims to develop pharmaceutical dosage guidelines for diabetics traveling to high altitudes.

UA Scientists Discover First Case of Animals Making Their Own Carotene

UANews | April 29, 2010
The insects known as aphids can make their own essential nutrients called carotenoids, which are the building blocks for molecules crucial for vision, healthy skin, bone growth and other key physiological functions.