The University of Arizona

UA Geriatric Education Center Awarded $2M Grant

UANews | July 22, 2010
The funding will go toward training Arizona health professionals – physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, public health workers and social workers – in how to care for older adults.

High Schoolers Question Medical Knowledge at Summer Institute

UANews | July 22, 2010
Students from throughout Arizona are working as paid researchers in the Summer Institute on Medical Ignorance, a UA College of Medicine program that runs through this week.

Researcher Offers Keep-Healthy Tips for Classroom, Home

UANews | July 19, 2010
As the school year approaches, UA microbiologist Kelly Reynolds provides easy-to-follow suggestions that families can follow to keep healthy. 

‘Lab on a Chip’ Detects Human, Agricultural Contaminants

UANews | July 19, 2010
The UA's Jeong-Yeol Yoon is using glass-slide laboratories to detect E. coli in water and vegetables and to monitor disease in livestock.

New Approach Developed to Improve Drug Delivery in Tumors

UANews | July 16, 2010
By using mathematical modeling to understand blood flow, researchers – including the UA's Timothy Secomb, a pioneer in the field – have proposed a novel approach to treating cancerous tumors.

The First Malaria-Proof Mosquito

UANews | July 15, 2010
For the first time, UA entomologists have genetically altered mosquitoes in a way that renders them immune to the parasite that causes malaria. Researchers hope someday to replace wild mosquitoes with resistant, lab-bred populations.