The University of Arizona

Hope for Arthritis Patients in Fat Tissue

UANews | September 3, 2010
A recent discovery at the UA College of Medicine – that adult stem cells collected from fat tissue can be converted to cells that will grow cartilage tissue – has focused one Arizona Arthritis Center lab's research, promising new hope for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Verbal Snippets Offer Insights on Well-Being Amid Separation, Divorce

UANews | September 2, 2010
UA psychology doctoral student Ashley Mason's study of romantically separated people shows they offer clues to their emotional status in just a few seconds of conversation.

For Aspiring Undergrad Researchers, UA is the Place to Be

UANews | August 30, 2010
Many opportunities are available for undergraduates who want to try their hands at research – in the natural sciences as well as in arts, humanities and the social sciences.

$1M Grant to Expand IBD Study

UANews | August 27, 2010
UA Steele Center researchers are investigating how curcumin – the biologically active ingredient in turmeric, used in curry – aids in treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

UA Researchers Create Tests to Assess Down Syndrome

UANews | August 25, 2010
The Arizona Cognitive Test Battery, designed by UA psychologists Lynn Nadel and Jamie Edgin, can quickly and easily assess the cognitive abilities of persons with Down syndrome. It gives clinicians and other researchers a tool to help determine the life trajectory of those with the genetic disorder as well as aid in the development of treatments.

UA Nursing Professor Awarded $2M for Sleep Study

UANews | August 23, 2010
Kristen Hedger Archbold will research the effects of a ventilator therapy on behavior and cognition in school-aged children who stop breathing during sleep, a condition called obstructive sleep apnea.