The University of Arizona

UA Surgeons Remove Brain Tumors Through Nose

UANews | January 5, 2011
An innovative surgical technique now performed at University Medical Center involves removing skull base brain tumors entirely through the nose and sinuses without incisions to the face or skull. The procedure reduces recovery time from weeks or months to days.

'Lost Boy,' UA Grad to Return to Sudan

UANews | January 4, 2011
Wol Akujang, one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan," has earned a UA undergraduate degree and is now scheduled to return to South Sudan, where he plans to help strengthen health care and education structures.

Former U.S. Surgeon General to Speak at Phoenix Campus

UANews | January 4, 2011
Dr. Richard H. Carmona will give a talk at the UA College of Medicine–Phoenix on Thursday, Jan. 6. Carmona is a Distinguished Professor with and an alumnus of the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

UMC's Child Life Specialists Ease the Way for Young Patients

UANews | December 21, 2010
The addition of Diamond Children's to UMC brings a total of eight child life specialists to the hospital. These specialists provide comfort to children undergoing medical care.

Invention Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery, Lessen Harmful Effects of Chemotherapy

UANews | December 20, 2010
An invention by UA researchers may provide a way to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to cancer tissues in controlled doses without harming healthy body cells.

Grilled Meat + Oregano = Reduced Risks of Cancer, Foodborne Disease

UANews | December 15, 2010
Adding oregano to meat before grilling could reduce the formation of potentially cancer-causing compounds by up to 78 percent, UA researchers have found. The spice also helps inactivate harmful E. coli in the meat.