The University of Arizona

Young Mom Enjoys Gift of ‘Freedom’ This Valentine’s Day

UANews | February 11, 2011
Marcela Padilla has become the first Total Artificial Heart patient in Tucson to leave the hospital while waiting for a heart transplant, thanks to a portable machine that powers her heart.

National Movement Honors Compassionate Care by UA Surgeon

UANews | February 10, 2011
Medical students will mark the Day of Solidarity for Compassionate Patient Care on Monday, Feb. 14 by joining hands in a human chain. The event recognizes the care of UA trauma surgeon Dr. Randall Friese, who was the first physician to treat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot on Jan. 8.

Bile Acids Link High-Fat Diet to Colon Cancer

UANews | February 9, 2011
Bile acids could be the missing link between a high-fat, Western-style diet and colon cancer, UA researchers Carol and Harris Bernstein and their collaborators have discovered.

UMC Trauma Center Responsive Through Community Support

UANews | February 7, 2011
The UMC Level I Trauma Center ranks among the top facilities of its kind nationally in survival rates, low cost and shortest hospital stays. The ability to be prepared depends on the support of the state and the community.

‘Orchid Children’ Bloom, Wither in Response to Surroundings

UANews | January 31, 2011
A UA-led study backs evidence that some children are more susceptible to adverse environmental factors than others. So-called "orchid children" bloom spectacularly in positive environments but often are at risk in poor home life situations.

New Compound Shows Promise in Combating Cancer

UANews | January 28, 2011
UA researchers have shown that a compound from the fruit of the Brucea javanica tree, when used in combination with chemotherapy, reduces cell proliferation and causes a reduction in tumor growth.