The University of Arizona

‘Orchid Children’ Bloom, Wither in Response to Surroundings

UANews | January 31, 2011
A UA-led study backs evidence that some children are more susceptible to adverse environmental factors than others. So-called "orchid children" bloom spectacularly in positive environments but often are at risk in poor home life situations.

New Compound Shows Promise in Combating Cancer

UANews | January 28, 2011
UA researchers have shown that a compound from the fruit of the Brucea javanica tree, when used in combination with chemotherapy, reduces cell proliferation and causes a reduction in tumor growth.

Immunotherapy Advances at UA Help Transplant Patients

UANews | January 28, 2011
New advancements in immunotherapy mean UA surgeons and physicians are able to offer patients with existing antibodies or differing blood types a better chance to receive and keep their gift of life.

'We Couldn’t Have Hoped for Any Better Improvement'

UANews | January 14, 2011
The four patients who remain at University Medical Center after the Jan. 8 shooting are improving. Doctors said Rep. Gabrielle Giffords opens her eyes more frequently now and was showing other signs of improvement. Ronald Barber, who was discharged today, wrote a statement thanking UMC and the community for its support.

Giffords Opens Eyes, Begins Physical Therapy

UANews | January 13, 2011
U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords spontaneously opened her eyes on Wednesday night while surrounded by friends and continues to show encouraging signs of recovery. She remains in critical condition in the ICU at University Medical Center, where four other patients injured in the Jan. 8 shooting remain in fair condition.

Family of Two Injured Giffords Staffers Praise UMC Efforts

UANews | January 12, 2011
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords remains in critical condition at University Medical Center, two other shooting patients remain in serious condition and three are in fair condition. Family members of the injured praised the efforts of UMC and thanked the community for its support.