The University of Arizona

UA Dean Calls for 'Decade of Nutrition'

UANews | February 5, 2015
While the Mediterranean diet is specific to the region encompassing parts of Italy, Greece and Spain, it can be adapted to desert lands. A four-part cooking series will show how.

Solidarity Week to Focus on Compassionate Care

UANews | February 5, 2015
Medical schools, patient-care institutions and other health care organizations around the country will demonstrate of the importance of kindness to patients.

Super Reception for UA's STEM Event

UANews | February 2, 2015
The day before the big game's kickoff, the statewide Arizona SciTech Festival held a kickoff of its own with Connect2STEM, drawing thousands to the downtown Phoenix campus of the College of Medicine.

UA Public Health Students to Assist on Super Bowl Sunday

UANews | January 30, 2015
SAFER team members will be at every first-aid station, working alongside emergency medical technicians inside University of Phoenix Stadium.

UA Arthritis Center Receives $6.1M Grant

UANews | January 23, 2015
Researchers at the UA Arthritis Center at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson are working to identify treatments to slow the progression of osteoarthritis, supported by a five-year grant.

The Molecular Biology Behind ALS

UANews | January 22, 2015
UA researchers have uncovered a novel molecular defect in a fruit fly model of ALS bearing a strong similarity to defects found in humans. The discovery may help explain the mechanisms underlying the devastating disease.