The University of Arizona

Historic Day for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students

UANews | March 10, 2015
The traditional White Coat Ceremony, a way to welcome new medical students into the profession, was extended in 2014 to schools of nursing to welcome advanced-practice students.

Banner – University Medicine to Transform Care

UANews | March 2, 2015
New chapter in academic medicine represents a pivotal outcome of Never Settle, the UA's strategic plan, and continues a long-standing affiliation with Banner Health in Arizona. "This merger ... will benefit the entire state," said UA President Ann Weaver Hart.

Making Life Better for Kids With Asthma

UANews | February 27, 2015
Collaborative health care may help pediatric asthma patients and their families understand their medication and better manage the disease.

Nasal Spray Could Help in Understanding Grief

UANews | February 23, 2015
UA psychologist Mary-Frances O'Connor will study the relationship between the hormone oxytocin and the experience of grief, and it could open the door to new therapies.

LGBT Teens Who Come Out at School Have Better Self-Esteem, Study Finds

UANews | February 9, 2015
Despite the risk of being bullied, coming out in high school is better for students' well-being in the long-run, according to a new study by UA researcher Stephen Russell. Students who were open about their sexual orientation or gender identity in high school reported higher self-esteem.

UA Dean Calls for 'Decade of Nutrition'

UANews | February 5, 2015
While the Mediterranean diet is specific to the region encompassing parts of Italy, Greece and Spain, it can be adapted to desert lands. A four-part cooking series will show how.