The University of Arizona

UA Offers Accelerated Bachelor's to Master’s Program in Environmental Health Sciences

UANews | February 24, 2014
The UA's Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is offering a five-year Bachelor of Science to Master of Public Health degree option in environmental health sciences. The ideal candidate is a student who has an interest in the environment and its relationship to health, or an interest in protecting the health of the public and workers.

The Flu and You

UANews | February 13, 2014
UA health experts explain why flu season isn't over yet and how flu shots protect even those who don't get them. This season's flu vaccine protects against more strains than its predecessors, and alternatives exist for those with allergies and the elderly.

New Analysis Suggests Whole-Diet Approach Reduces Cardiovascular Risk More Than Low-Fat Diets

UANews | February 11, 2014
A new study suggests that a whole-diet approach, which focuses on increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish, appears to be better at reducing cardiovascular risk than strategies that focus exclusively on reduced dietary fat. Dr. James E. Dalen, professor and dean emeritus of the UA College of Medicine, co-authored the study, which appears in The American Journal of Medicine.

Pizza Herb Could Help Curb Foodborne Illness

UANews | February 11, 2014
Carvacrol, the primary active component in oregano oil, effectively kills norovirus, a common cause of foodborne illness outbreaks in hospitals, schools and cruise ships, UA researchers have found. Their study is the first to shed light on exactly how the plant compound renders the virus ineffective.

College of Medicine Holds Solidarity Day Events to Commemorate Tucson Shooting

UANews | February 7, 2014
The UA College of Medicine will hold a series of events and activities this week to commemorate the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting in Tucson. The events will culminate on Friday, which marks the fourth annual National Solidarity Day for Compassionate Patient Care. The day was established to honor of the humanistic actions of the UA's Dr. Randall Friese – the first physician to treat former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot – and others who cared for the shooting victims.

Mathematical Model Developed by UA Physicists Could Help Treat Lyme Disease

UANews | February 6, 2014
A computer simulation of Lyme disease rash reveals how the bacteria and the immune cell populations change over the course of the infection. The model might help doctors better predict the spread of the bacteria in the early stages when antibiotics are most effective.