The University of Arizona

Future Doctors Receive White Coats

UANews | August 12, 2013
Incoming students at the UA College of Medicine - Tucson donned their physician’s coats for the first time during the 19th annual White Coat Ceremony. The event marked the start of medical training for the class of 2017, which includes 62 women and 53 men, ranging in age from 21 to 48.

UA Research Sheds New Light on Epilepsy Rates Along U.S.-Mexico Border

UANews | August 9, 2013
A UA study of epilepsy rates along the U.S.-Mexico border found a dramatic reversal of expectations in regards to epilepsy rates among Hispanics. Researchers found - contrary to prior studies, done in major cities - that prevalence of epilepsy in Hispanics was half of that in non-Hispanic whites.

Community Health Workers Can Serve Vital Advocacy Role, UA Study Shows

UANews | August 8, 2013
Community health workers perform a vital role in advocating for underserved populations, and with advocacy and leadership training they can effectively combat health inequality across demographic lines, according to a new paper from UA public health researchers.

Watch Out for Bites from 'Invisible' Snakes

UANews | August 8, 2013
Experts at the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center are advising people to be especially cautious about rattlesnakes in the weeks ahead. Baby rattlesnakes are born in July and August and have no rattle until they first shed their skins, so they make no warning sound before striking.

UA's Rural Health Conference Marks 40th Anniversary

UANews | August 8, 2013
The UA's Center for Rural Health will host the 40th annual Arizona Rural Health Conference later this month with keynote speaker Mary Wakefield, administrator of the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. The conference attracts health care providers, health professionals, administrators, policy makers and leaders from across the state.

UA Launches First National Online Pediatric Integrative Medicine Curriculum

UANews | August 7, 2013
A new online program designed by the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the UA will allow pediatric residents nationwide to learn integrative medicine approaches in addition to their conventional medical training. The unique Pediatric Integrative Medicine in Residency program takes into account the whole infant, child or adolescent, including all elements of lifestyle and family health.