The University of Arizona

Doctors to Get Better Access to Digital Data

UANews | July 8, 2015
Software developed by UA researchers, as part of a $1.3 million NIH grant, will transmit review-ready data in minutes or seconds, helping patients receive quicker second opinions and diagnoses.

UA's Insight Aids Survival From Cardiac Arrest

UANews | July 6, 2015
College of Medicine professors from Tucson and Phoenix served on a 19-member national panel that recommended strategies on cardiac arrest to the Institute of Medicine.

Professor-Student Team Brings Awareness to Virus

UANews | July 2, 2015
An open house at the BIO5 Institute led to a student's internship with immunobiology professor Felicia Goodrum on the cytomegalovirus and its potentially devastating effects.

Dusty Secrets Could Help Asthma Sufferers

UANews | June 11, 2015
Researchers in the UA's BIO5 Institute will collaborate with Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Biotech to identify compounds in dust samples from Amish farming communities that could promote respiratory health.

Cinnamon Research Holds Promise for Colorectal Cancer Prevention

UANews | June 8, 2015
A UA study added cinnamaldehyde, the compound that gives cinnamon its distinctive flavor and smell, to the diet of mice and it protected them against colorectal cancer.

Aging Couples Connected in Sickness and Health

UANews | June 1, 2015
UA researchers examined the quality of life in older married couples, finding that the key to successful aging may lie in the physical and mental health of a person's spouse.