The University of Arizona

Academy Elects UA Planetary Sciences Professor

UANews | April 24, 2015
Renu Malhotra has revolutionized the understanding of the history of the solar system through use of the orbital resonance between Pluto and Neptune.

Student Entrepreneurs Rise to the Innovative Minds Challenge

UANews | April 23, 2015
UA student teams presented their innovative and creative ideas to solve real business and social challenges.

Hubble's UA-Made 'Eyes' Help Us See Space

UANews | April 22, 2015
UA researchers and engineers have used the Hubble Space Telescope, which marks its 25th anniversary on Friday, to make unexpected discoveries of the universe, earning a Nobel Prize for a UA graduate.

Literacy, Learning and Leadership

The Literacy, Learning and Leadership major, known informally as LLL or L3, was created by the University of Arizona College of Education for students who want to pursue leadership positions in a variety of educational settings outside of the traditional school context. A recent L3 poster event on campus gave student interns a forum for sharing the work they have been doing in the community.

UA to Join 'A-Team' in Search for Earthlike Planets

UANews | April 20, 2015
A team created by a new NASA initiative hopes to better understand the various components of exoplanets — planets around other stars — as well as how the parent stars and neighbor planets interact to support life.

Biosphere 2 Hosts Forum on Food, Energy and Water

UANews | April 20, 2015
A National Science Foundation workshop attracted experts from across the U.S. and the globe to tackle questions about resources on a planet that soon will have 9 billion people.

Narrating the Wildcat Way

UANews | April 21, 2015
A guest column is launching on the UA's official blog, written by students who are involved in a summer internship, job, fellowship, assistantship or other engaged work.

Astronomers Probe Young Star and its Planets

UANews | April 20, 2015
An international team of astronomers has obtained the first results from the LEECH exoplanets survey, and the findings reveal new insights into the architecture of HR8799, a "scaled-up" version of our solar system 130 light-years from Earth.

Global Leader in Insect Management Earns Koffler Prize

UANews | April 17, 2015
UA professor Bruce Tabashnik has earned the 2015 Koffler Prize for Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity, which honors a dedicated scientist, scholar and collaborator whose mission is to “conduct research to improve food production while preserving environmental quality.”

Earth Day Celebrated Early by UA's Spring Fling

UANews | April 21, 2015
Two student groups diverted nearly 1,300 pounds of compostable material and food scraps from landfills — about double the amount from last year's event.