The University of Arizona

TLA Commercialization Partners Take On UA Startups

UANews | December 17, 2014
From an original pool of 44 applicants, 12 individuals were selected to serve in one of three roles: entrepreneur-in-residence, executive-in-residence and investor-in-residence.

Meet the 2014 University Distinguished Professors

The UA's University Distinguished Professor Award, begun in 1995, honors those who have made a difference in students' lives through personal commitment, mentoring a broad range of undergraduate students and fostering an attitude of critical inquiry, encouraging students to question assumptions, challenge conventional wisdom and scrutinize evidence carefully.

Website Shines Light on Renewable Energy Resources

UANews | December 17, 2014
A team from the UA and eight Southwestern electric utility companies has built a pioneering web portal that provides insight into renewable energy sources and how they contribute to the region’s electricity grid.

$20 Million Gift Pushes UA Closer to the Stars

UANews | December 17, 2014
A major donation by Richard F. Caris bolsters the UA's reputation in space science and supports its commitment to the Giant Magellan Telescope, scheduled for completion in 2021 in Chile.

Ancient Wisdom Boosts Sustainability of Biotech Cotton

UANews | December 16, 2014
Combining computer modeling and field research on cotton pests, a UA-led study suggests that biotechnology and traditional agriculture can be compatible.

Pucker Up: Five Fast Facts About Mistletoe

It's the holiday symbol for romance that has sparked countless smooches.

SBS Advisory Council Delivers Holiday Cheer

UANews | December 16, 2014
Second annual drive brings food, toys and gift cards to needy students and families at Peter Howell Elementary School in Tucson.

Meet the UA's 2014 Regents' Professors

The designation of Regents' Professor, voted on by the Arizona Board of Regents, is an honored position reserved for faculty scholars of exceptional ability who have achieved national and international distinction.

AHSC Report Outlines Achievements, Plans

UANews | December 15, 2014
Targeted areas will help accelerate AHSC’s efforts to expand its research portfolio, and improve the quality and diversity of Arizona’s health professions workforce.

How Does a Museum Travel the Country?

UANews | December 15, 2014
The Arizona State Museum on the UA campus is more than brick and mortar. It's portable. In the past three years, the museum loaned objects to 17 institutions across the country.