The University of Arizona

Parents: Don't Hover, Let Your College Student Be Free

UA behavioral scientist Chris Segrin urges parents not to stifle the growth of their college-age children, offering tips on how to avoid being a "helicopter parent."

Commencement Through the Ages

How times have changed: The UA's first Commencement, in Old Main in 1895, had a graduating class of three and the school colors were silver and sage.

The Blurred Line Between Borrowing and Copying in Pop Music

Brian Moon, an assistant professor and coordinator for music in general studies at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music, explains the legal changes with the pop single "Blurred Lines," and how music sampling has complicated the music industry.

ARS Tribute to Honor Late UA Alumnus

UA alumnus Jeffry Jahn was known for his energy and passion for choral arts, and he inspired a generation of singers and audiences alike.

Technology Changes Everything and Nothing

Chris Impey, a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Astronomy, shares his insights about how technology impacts our lives.

Why Black Life Matters: A Reflection

On the heels of the national Black Life Matters Conference, departments and programs across campus will host events in recognition of Black History Month.

Nobel Lesson: Investment Fosters Global Achievement

Regents' Professor Carol Barnes reflects on the Nobel Prize-winning career of her mentor, John O'Keefe, and sees similar principles in place at the UA.

Curious About the Mediterranean Diet? Here's the Lowdown

What's with the name? Is it a diet or a dietary pattern? Doesn't matter. It's good for you, and it is believed to reduce risk factors associated with heart disease and certain cancers.

Want Results? Make Compassion Your New Year's Resolution

Have a new year's resolution in mind? Consider bringing more compassion and kindness into what you do if you want to see benefits.

All the Way to Africa

UA faculty member Shahira Fahmy recently returned from a Fulbright specialist mission involving the United Nations.