The University of Arizona

The Future and Challenges of Digital Learning

Online education remains a disruptive force in higher education, but UA Online is producing solutions to affordability and accessibility.

Parents: Don't Hover, Let Your College Student Be Free

UA behavioral scientist Chris Segrin urges parents not to stifle the growth of their college-age children, offering tips on how to avoid being a "helicopter parent."

Grad Student Teaches Linguistics to Teens

UA doctoral candidate Elly Zimmer works to clarify the function and importance of linguistics.

Photo Presents Stunning View of the Lagoon Nebula

An image by UA astrophotographer and astronomy educator Adam Block was named the Astronomy Picture of the Day for July 29.

Pluto Returns to Public Popularity

As New Horizon provides the closest-ever flyby of the dwarf planet, the UA campus community is celebrating the occasion.

Researchers Probe Contemplative Topics

A research group launched by UA graduate students supports contemplative science research on campus.

Celebrating Black History Every Day

UA alumna Kysha Mounia has collaborated with her sister to expand educational resources across the U.S., focusing on the contributions of African-Americans.

Measuring 'Hearing Flexibility'

Cochlear implants are examples of bionic ears, says Kathy Carbonell, a doctoral student in the UA Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. Carbonell intends to inform future research on how people are able to understand speech.

Fellow Prepares for 'Best Decade' of Life

Ashley Tsosie-Mahieu is serving as the Curatorial Fellow in Native American Art and Culture at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

Startup Aspirant Combines Business, Aerospace Engineering

Andrew Granatstein shares why he chose to study at the UA and what he hopes to gain from working this summer for a Tucson-based technology development company.