The University of Arizona

'Transformation Plan' Detailed in Town Hall

UANews | September 17, 2008
A town hall held last week for deans and department heads detailed what will happen through the end of the semester as the University works to reorganize.

NIH Gives One of First EUREKA Grants to UA's Hurley

UANews | September 17, 2008
The grants are for exceptionally innovative research projects that could have an extraordinarily significant impact on many areas of science.

CSW Accepting Nominations for Vision Awards

UANews | September 17, 2008
University staff, faculty, administrators, graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to nominate individuals who are known for cultivating diversity and working to advance the commission's goals.

NPR's Science Friday to Set Up Shop at Phoenix Mission

UANews | September 15, 2008
Host Ira Flatow will broadcast from the UA Science Operations Center, the hub of the NASA Phoenix Mars Mission.

Farmers' Market Partnering With Marshall Foundation

UANews | September 12, 2008
The new partnership with the Marshall Foundation will give the Farmers' Market more visibility, flexibility and improve access for community members. 

Anthropology Names New Head

UANews | September 12, 2008
Barbara Mills has been named head of the 93-year-old anthropology department at the UA, only the seventh in the department's history and the first woman.