The University of Arizona

The Ghost of Old Main

UANews | October 30, 2013
Every old building has a good ghost story to go with it, and the UA's Old Main is no exception. The building, which is currently being renovated, will be featured on a new Ghosts of the UA Tour. Some of the construction crew members working at Old Main say they've heard and seen signs of the ghost of Carlos Maldenado, who, according to legend, was murdered there in 1888.

UA Graduates Among the World's Most Employable

UANews | October 30, 2013
The UA is one the top universities in the world when it comes to producing employable graduates, according to the third annual Global Employability Survey. The survey ranks the top 150 universities across the globe based on the employability of their graduates. The UA is ranked 13th among American public universities, in the top 40 for all U.S. institutions and at No. 124 internationally.

Graduate Medical Education and the Future of Health Care for American Families

UANews | October 25, 2013
In her second official blog post, UA President Ann Weaver Hart explains why the nation must expand Graduate Medical Education programs to adequately address the nationwide shortage of physicians. In Arizona, the UA's two medical colleges are working closely with clinical partners to develop a model to expand such programs, which are offered after the four years of medical school, allowing a resident physician "to mature into an independent and effective clinician," Hart says.

Eco-Friendly Building Under Construction at UA Designed to Foster Collaboration, Sustainability

UANews | October 22, 2013
A new building under construction at the UA is designed to be an eco-friendly space where environmental researchers can come together to collaborate. The Environment and Natural Resources 2 building has the potential to become one of the "greenest" buildings on campus, with features like shaded outdoor meeting spaces and a cutting-edge chilled-beam air conditioning system.

All Eyes Trained on the Moon

UANews | October 9, 2013
When people around the world turn their eyes and their telescopes to the moon on Saturday, Tucson will join in. Southern Arizona sky gazers will convene at the UA on Oct. 12 to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night, a global event encouraging people to observe the Earth's only natural satellite.

Higher Education Leaders from Mexico Visit UA to Explore Partnership Opportunities

UANews | October 7, 2013
Leaders from 29 universities in Mexico visited the UA campus last week to learn about potential partnership opportunities with the University. UA Global Initiatives hosted the delegation of university rectors, professors and other leaders in an effort to get members of both the UA community and the Mexican higher education community thinking about opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations.