The University of Arizona

Commitments to Service, Off Hours

UANews | June 18, 2010
In addition to working full time, raising children and pursuing advanced degrees - among a host of other commitments - UA faculty and staff members also carve out time to volunteer off campus.

Sky Island Program Starts This Weekend on Mount Lemmon

UANews | June 16, 2010
The Steward Observatory SkyCenter is offerering a range of public programs over the summer.

Use or Lose Excess Vacation Time by January

UANews | June 16, 2010
Human Resources has changed its policies so that all employees will have to sacrifice extra vacation hours at the first of the year instead of on the anniversary of their start date.

Valdez Reflects on Two Decades at the UA

UANews | June 16, 2010
Joel Valdez, senior vice president for business affairs at the UA, will continue to act as a special adviser to President Robert N. Shelton after his retirement on June 30.

Employee Q&A: Research Animal Vet Gail Stevenson

UANews | June 16, 2010
Veterinarian Gail Stevenson works with rodents used in University research, taking images that can provide information about a variety of health ailments, including stroke, cancer and heart disease.

Summer Transition Programs Keep Campus Bustling

UANews | June 11, 2010
Thousands of freshmen and their parents will participate in the UA's New Student Orientation during the summer. Also, the New Start Summer Program hosts students looking to successfully transition from high school to college.