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Exhibit - "Ansel Adams: Arizona and the West"

Ansel Adams had a special connection to Arizona, the most significant being his 1975 decision to co-found the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona and place his entire photographic collection and archive in the care of this new institution.

"Ansel Adams: Arizona and the West" includes nearly 40 works pulled from the Ansel Adams archive at the center representing the entire course of his prolific career. These images show the wide range of work Adams produced in Arizona and throughout the American West. From quiet studies of natural details to the awe-inspiring grandeur of massive mountains under cloud-filled skies, Adams chronicled the land with passion fueled by a deep appreciation of the transformative power of the wilderness.

December 28, 2010   All Day



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Center for Creative Photography
Tucson, AZ
United States

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