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Talk - 'Breast, Colon and Beyond: Answering Questions About Hereditary Cancer'

Chances are, everyone knows someone with cancer. When that person is someone in your family, you might have questions about risks of cancer for yourself or your children. This morning program brings together experts from the University of Arizona Cancer Center to answer your questions about assessing and reducing your cancer risk. The program will cover a broad range of topics, including genetic counseling, screening for breast cancer, gynecologic cancer risk assessment and management, colon cancer risk assessment and management. In addition, a panel of health care providers and survivors will be available for question and answer sessions. 

November 17, 2012   8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Audience Size: 
Medium (51-100)


University of Arizona Cancer Center, 1515 N. Campbell Ave. Kiewit Auditorium
Tucson , AZ
United States

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University of Arizona Cancer Center
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Cindy Laughren
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