The University of Arizona

Study: Anti-Gun Control Efforts Undercut Federal Oversight

UANews | March 16, 2011
UA faculty member Barak Orbach and two graduate students, Kathleen Callahan and Lisa Lindemenn, investigated gun-control efforts, finding that "private lawmakers" sometimes serve to weaken federal laws.

Students Win Prestigious Fashion, Retail Competition

UANews | March 14, 2011
Five students in the UA's Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences have been named 2011 Scholars of the Fashion Scholarship Fund, one of the largest and most influential grant organizations in the fashion and apparel industry.

UA Students to Model High-Speed Tucson-Phoenix Solar Train

UANews | March 11, 2011
A team of UA graduate students will climb aboard a solar-powered bullet train between Tucson and Phoenix this spring – metaphorically, that is. The group is analyzing the conditions under which very high-speed solar-powered rail between the two cities would make economic sense.

Speaker Series Attracts High-Profile Business, Law Professionals

UANews | February 25, 2011
Several speakers, some of whom have held federal positions and others with ties to companies such as Citibank and Allstate, will speak as inaugural members of the Mundheim Speaker Series at the UA.

UA Part of America's Financial Test

UANews | February 17, 2011
The Norton School's Take Charge America Institute has a number of lesson plans in the 2011 National Financial Capability Challenge. The online exam for high school students that begins March 7 helps teach them about important financial skills critical to building a strong financial future.

AVATAR Kiosk Designed to Help Law Enforcement at Borders

UANews | February 16, 2011
The AVATAR kiosk uses non-invasive artificial intelligence and sensor technologies developed by the Center for the Management of Information at the Eller College. It's an interactive device designed for use at border crossings and in airports.