The University of Arizona

AVATAR Kiosk Designed to Help Law Enforcement at Borders

UANews | February 16, 2011
The AVATAR kiosk uses non-invasive artificial intelligence and sensor technologies developed by the Center for the Management of Information at the Eller College. It's an interactive device designed for use at border crossings and in airports.

Stewart, Hilfiger to Speak at Global Retailing Conference

UANews | February 14, 2011
More than a dozen internationally recognized executives, strategists and industry leaders will offer their insights at the UA's annual Global Retailing Conference. Martha Stewart and Tommy Hilfiger headline the list of guest speakers.

The Costs of Weak Civility Norms

UANews | February 4, 2011
The UA's Barak Orbach and Frances Sjoberg are investigating the social costs of splintering conflicts over national issues such as health-care reform, federal regulation and gay rights. The two argue in a new paper that "weak civility" carries tremendous societal costs.

UA Report Looks at State of Southwestern 'Foodsheds'

UANews | February 2, 2011
UA ethnobotanist Gary Paul Nabhan is behind a collection of essays that analyze the decline and rise in interest in locally produced food. Unprecedented pressures exist on food security and farming capacity in the U.S. borderland states, according to the regional food assessment by Nabhan and his colleagues.

Study Estimates Economic Impact of Football Game Near $8.2M

UANews | January 25, 2011
A study by UA MBA student Kevin Wittner found that the Sept. 18 UA-University of Iowa football game at Arizona Stadium resulted in nearly $8.2 million for the local economy.

UA Names Alumnus Leonard M. Jessup Dean of the Eller College of Management

UANews | January 24, 2011
Jessup will begin his tenure as dean in May. He is chair of the department of entrepreneurship and information systems and director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington State University.