The University of Arizona

Pets Therapy Melts Away Stress During Finals

UANews | December 13, 2011
Animal-handler teams are visiting the UA James E. Rogers College of Law during finals week to offer pet therapy to students working on projects and studying for final exams. Said volunteer Joan Leslie: "You can just see the stress levels go down."

Student Teams Present Ideas for UA Sustainability, Safety

UANews | December 9, 2011
As part of an introductory course, UA pre-business freshmen, all Honors College students, developed dozens of ideas to help improve sustainability, safety and and cross-department synergies on campus.

UA Team Leads Nationwide Survey of Coupon Usage

UANews | December 6, 2011
Call them penny pinchers or cheap. But according to UA researchers who studied coupon usage across the nation, "coupon divas," or high users of coupons, consider themselves to be smart shoppers and financially savvy. Furthermore, they think non-users are wasting money.

Law School Offering Supreme Court Class

UANews | December 2, 2011
The UA James E. Rogers College of Law has structured a new course for undergraduates, offering an introduction to the institutional structure of the American legal system. Focusing on landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases, the course features a series of 13 talks with legal scholars.

Economics Professor Weighs Options for Climate Management

UANews | December 2, 2011
Combining policies aimed at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with those aimed at reducing emissions could decrease CO2 concentrations faster than natural processes alone, finds a new study by UA assistant professor of economics Derek Lemoine.

UA Alumni, Students Build Eller Business Success Stories

UANews | November 29, 2011
A new Southern fusion gastropub, an electric bicycle venture and an online marketplace for college class notes are a few of the local and national venture successes to come out of the UA Eller College of Management.