The University of Arizona

Incoming Law Students Pledge Integrity at New Professionalism Ceremony

UANews | August 30, 2012
The UA James E. Rogers College of Law this year welcomed incoming law students with a new professionalism ceremony modeled after the white-coat ceremonies performed in medical schools across the country. As they began their legal careers at the UA, the first-year students pledged to conduct themselves with integrity and honor and to be courteous and professional at all times. Each student then was given a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Land-Grant UA Drives Economic, Community Development

UANews | August 30, 2012
When the Morrill Act establishing the nation’s land-grant universities was signed in 1862, one of the charges of those institutions was to support economic and community development in their respective states. The UA promotes economic and community development by preparing students for the workforce, providing jobs and much more.

UA Research: Sleep Deprivation Can Influence Professional Behavior

UANews | August 7, 2012
In a recent paper, The UA's Aleksander Ellis and a colleague demonstrate that lack of sleep can cause deviant behavior on the job. The work is part of a research agenda supported by the Center for Leadership Ethics at the Eller College of Management.

UA Statement Regarding Former Adjunct Lecturer Adam Smith

UANews | August 2, 2012
The UA strives to provide an environment where free and respectful exchange of ideas are valued and encouraged.

UA Researcher Part of Global Language Preservation Initiative

UANews | June 29, 2012
UA researcher Susan D. Penfield is serving on the advisory committee to the Endangered Languages Project, a global linguistic diversity initiative seeded by Google. The project is for people interested in learning about and working to preserve near-extinct languages.

New UA General Counsel Named

UANews | June 21, 2012
Laura Todd Johnson, who joined the UA in 2002, has been named the University's new general counsel and vice president for legal affairs. She will begin the position on July 1.