The University of Arizona

Engineering College Pursues Water Technology Innovation Cluster

UANews | February 14, 2013
The UA has taken the lead in joining the growing number of U.S. regions planning their futures around water-based economies by creating water technology innovation clusters. Water clusters build networks of universities, governments and businesses that serve as catalysts for economic development and protect one of the world’s most precious resources.

UA Students Partner With Court to Simplify Legal Instructions

UANews | February 6, 2013
UA law and English students are working with the Pima County Superior Court to rewrite and simplify instructions for filling out legal forms required in divorce, child custody and other family law proceedings. In the majority of family law cases, one or both parties are not represented by a lawyer and must fill out necessary legal materials on their own. The UA's Simpla Phi Lex project aims to make the process easier for them.

UA Eller College Launches Undergraduate Finance Minor

UANews | January 30, 2013
UA undergraduates looking for a substantial boost to their financial acumen now will have access to the finance minor program, offered through the Eller College of Management beginning in summer 2013. The new program will give non-business majors a lasting personal and professional edge.

Germs Spread Fast at Work, Study Finds

UANews | January 30, 2013
When someone comes to work sick, about half of the commonly touched surfaces in the office become infected by lunchtime, according to a new UA study. Researchers found that simple interventions, such as hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes, can reduce employees' risk of infection by as much as 80 percent.

UA Global Retailing Conference Announces 2013 Presenters

UANews | January 29, 2013
The UA Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing will host its annual Global Retailing Conference April 11-12. Among the event's speakers will be Macy's CEO and UA alumnus Terry J. Lundgren and fashion designer Tory Burch, in addition to senior executives from Bloomingdale's, Clarins, Costco, Facebook and more. They will focus on new ways that leading retail and fashion brands are engaging customers and encouraging advocacy.

Eller College Collaborates to Develop Economic Data Software

UANews | January 23, 2013
The UA Eller College of Management has been instrumental in the development of new technologies focused on real-time collection and analysis of socioeconomic data. The software has since been adopted by the national statistics offices of several countries and many state agencies within the U.S.