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On the Battlefield of Alzheimer's UA alumnus Greg O'Brien writes about how he copes with Alzheimer's disease.
The Confluencenter and Being 'Confluential'
Posted on 11/04/2014
Can we be "confluential"? Here's one idea about what that means.
Hiring Interns? Top 8 Tips for Companies
Posted on 11/03/2014
Looking for interns? Here are some reminders and suggestions for employers.
Pharmacy Alumnus of the Year: Kevin Boesen
Posted on 11/03/2014
UA alumnus Kevin Boesen is a leader in the field of pharmacy and medication ther
Honors College Alumnus of the Year: Nick T. Spark
Posted on 11/03/2014
Nick T. Spark has received Emmy awards for his work.
Engineering Alumnus of the Year: David Hutchens
Posted on 10/31/2014
UA alumnus David Hutchens has remained involved with the UA.
Science Alumnus of the Year: Kenneth Krane
Posted on 10/31/2014
UA alumnus Kenneth Krane is a prominent experimentalist in nuclear physics.
Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year: Jeffrey Haskell
Posted on 10/30/2014
UA alumnus Jeffrey Haskell is known nationally and internationally for his music
SBS Alumna of the Year: Melody S. Robidoux
Posted on 10/29/2014
Since graduating from the UA, Melody S. Robidoux has made many contributions to
Fright On: Meet the Ghosts of the UA
Posted on 10/29/2014
UA students, employees and visitors have reported hearing crying and seeing shad