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#UABack2School Bucket List UA students and employees share their must-do lists with incoming freshmen.
100 Years of Sisterhood, Brotherhood
Posted on 08/27/2015
Fraternities and sororities have been making contributions to the campus and loc
Parents: Don't Hover, Let Your College Student Be Free
Posted on 08/26/2015
UA behavioral scientist Chris Segrin urges parents not to stifle the growth of t
Feeding the Mind, Nurturing the Body and Soul
Posted on 08/24/2015
In addition to focusing on students' academic success, the UA encourages ov
Exploring the Private Lives of Hummingbirds
Posted on 08/17/2015
UA professor William Mannan answers questions about the tiny birds and their cou
Grad Student Teaches Linguistics to Teens
Posted on 08/14/2015
UA doctoral candidate Elly Zimmer works to clarify the function and importance o
To Find 'Perfect Match,' It Took Years
Posted on 08/12/2015
After working for the USAID Program Office in Tanzania this summer, Leishara War
An Unforgettable Time of Inspiration, Growth
Posted on 08/12/2015
The UA's Elizabeth Sutton completed two "life-changing" summer da
Intern's Work with Tech Company to Continue
Posted on 08/12/2015
After a successful summer, intern Andrew Granatstein will continue on with Azter
Fellow Challenged Perceptions of 'Indian'
Posted on 08/12/2015
Ashley Tsosie-Mahieu contributed to a major exhibition and new publication.